How We Score

When we first launched BestMeatCookingTools, our primary goal was to provide readers with all the relevant facts necessary to independently make informed purchasing decisions. While this still remains one of our guiding principles, we also understand that some readers value assistance or prefer to rely on assessments provided by a relevant authority. That is why we put a lot of thought into ratings assigned to every product featured on our site.

Our ratings are primarily based on a carefully devised set of criteria, all of which are related to the key characteristics of a meat cooking tool. Keeping in mind the differences between various kinds of tools on the market, we use a distinct criterion set for each tool type, thus maximizing the reliability of the assigned scores.

Since no single rating system is perfect, we do not shy away from modifying our initial ratings in accordance with external factors. A product’s rating may be adjusted in accordance with the most recent changes in the market (e.g. development of new, more advanced models) or deteriorations in material quality or craftsmanship. Such alterations serve to enhance the adequacy and accuracy of our ratings.

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