Other Uses For A Meat Slicer

November 18, 2018

Apart from slicing salami, pepperoni, pancetta, prosciutto, and other deli meats into thin slivers, meat slicers can also handle many other food items, depending on numerous factors like the unit’s construction type, the material of the blade, the type of grind used, and many others.  

In this short guide, we will go over the alternative uses for your home meat slicer and also point out what foods never to put in front of its blade. 

meat cutting machine with ham

Food Products You Should Not Slice With A Meat Slicer 

Before we explore what alternative foods your meat slicer can handle, we should go over the food items you should never try to slice with this appliance. 

The list of “banned” foods depends on the actual type of the slicer in your kitchen: 

  • Electric slicers – These units feature thin, razor-sharp knives designed to handle softer foods. They are not able to go through bones and frozen meat without substantial blade damage.  
  • Manual slicers – Manual slicers feature duller but thicker and stronger blades that can go through frozen food items without a hitch. However, they are unable to handle fresh or cooked meat or other softer foods. These units are also not designed to handle bones.  

Bottom line, neither manual nor electric meat slicers can cut through bones without damaging the blade and slicing through frozen foods depends on the type of the unit in question.  

meat slicer as cutter of bread

Non-Meat Foods You Can Slice With A Meat Slicer 

Here is a list of non-meat food products that a top-tier meat slicer should be able to handle: 

  • Cheese – Almost every meat slicer should be able to cut cheese, with the exception of the particularly hard types. However, manual meat slicers do not yield good results with very soft cheese.  
  • Bread – If the blade on your electric meat slicer has a serrated grind, it should be excellent at slicing any type of bread into perfectly uniform pieces. Smooth blades perform slightly worse but will also get the job done. Manual units, on the other hand, will just crush the bread instead of slicing it. 
  • Fruits & Vegetables – Electric meat slicers can handle both softer and harder fruits and veggies whereas you can only slice harder fruits and vegetables with manual units. 

Some home cooks also use their appliances to slice eggs, but this is not something we would generally recommend since the potential for injury is just too high.