Berkel Meat Slicer Review

Best for high-volume slicing
UPDATED Dec. 2020
Manufacturer: Berkel
Model: 827A-PLUS
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If classic home-use meat slicers with short runtimes, standard motors, and limited cutting heights simply do not cut it for you anymore, Berkel 827A might be the kind of upgrade you have been seeking. This commercial-grade manual gravity meat slicer is equipped with a .5HP motor and a 12-inch carbon steel knife, its cutting height is 7.6 inches, and it can work for up to 5 hours per day, letting you slice up a truckload of ham and cheese without overheating issues and long cooling periods.

Its 45-degree feed tray and ergonomic push handle ensure that minimum strain is placed on your arm. This unit is powerful, durable, and easy to maintain. With its built-in sharpener, you can use it for years to come without dealing with diminished efficiency and frequent knife replacements. Keep reading this Berkel 827A review to find out if this mighty meat slicer is worth splurging on.

Berkel Meat Slicer
  • Berkel Meat Slicer side view
  • Stainless steel/aluminium Berkel Meat Slicer unit
  • Berkel Meat Slicer round knob
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Pros & Cons

  • Impressive .5HP motor
  • Daily runtime of 4-5 hours
  • 12-inch carbon steel knife
  • Thickness range of 0-0.56 inches
  • 45-degree feed tray
  • Ergonomic push handle
  • Built-in 2-stone sharpener
  • Easy to clean
  • High price
  • Large and heavy

Berkel Meat Slicer Ratings

Our Rating 8.8

The meat slicer’s build and material quality, cutting height, and ergonomics.

Ease Of Use

The meat slicer’s usability and the amount of effort necessary to successfully operate the meat slicer.


The ability of the blade to easily cut through meat and produce even edges and tidy slices.


The maximum runtime, slicing speed, smoothness of operation, thickness range, and slice quality.


The meat slicer’s suitability for different types of food (e.g. soft and hard meat, cheese, bread, produce).


The use of food-grade materials and the presence of safety features that prevent potential injury and food contamination.

Ease of Maintenance

The amount of time and effort necessary to clean the meat slicer and keep it in good condition.


The average lifespan of the meat slicer with proper use and maintenance.


The affordability of the meat slicer in relation to its quality and in comparison with similar meat slicers.

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Berkel Meat Slicer, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the product.

Berkel 827A Materials & Design

Berkel 827A measures 21.25 x 24 x 21.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 74 pounds, so it is not exactly easy to fit on a kitchen countertop. The unit is made of stainless steel and sanitary anodized aluminum and comes with a hardened and polished chromium-plated carbon steel knife measuring 12 inches in diameter.

With the feed tray mounted at a 45-degree angle, the slicer leverages gravity and does not require you to apply much pressure while slicing. The ergonomic push handle located on the side of the unit lets you easily control the slicing process without getting dangerously close to the blade. To safely prevent slipping, you can use the metal food pusher on the feed tray.

Apart from its solid construction, high-quality materials, and smart and safe design, Berkel 827A provides a highly valuable extra feature in the form of a built-in 2-stone sharpener that lets you hone the blade with ease whenever you notice a slight diminishment in effectiveness.

Berkel Meat Slicer 2-stone sharpener

Berkel 827A Ease Of Use & Maintenance

What we like about Berkel 827A is that it can be disassembled without the use of tools, which allows for easier cleaning. However, its parts are not dishwasher-safe, so you have to hand-wash them with hot water and soap. Cleaning around the blade is a bit tricky. Overall, maintenance does not take too much time and work, but it is not perfectly effortless.

Although it is a commercial-grade meat slicer often used in delis and restaurants, it is extremely user-friendly. It comes with clear instructions and it only takes a minute to figure out how to operate it properly. Due to its intelligent, ergonomic design, it requires minimum effort on the part of the user.

Berkel 827A Performance & Versatility

With its permanently lubricated .5HP motor, extra-sharp 12-inch carbon steel blade, cutting height of 7.6 inches, cutting width of 10.75 inches, and thickness range of 0-0.56 inches variable by near-millimeter increments, Berkel 827A has all it takes to quickly and easily slice both soft and hard and large and small products. It can be used for meat, cheese, bread, and produce. Even though the results may not be perfect with some semi-hard cheeses, its performance is generally above-average with virtually all types of seedless, boneless food.

The daily runtime of 4-5 hours makes Berkel 827A more than suitable for high-volume slicing operations. It can be of great use during the canning season or simply when you want to neatly slice a large amount of beef roast or ham. The slices are always even and tidy, the blade does not get dull easily, and there are no major overheating issues.

Berkel 827A Safety

Thanks to the ergonomic handle on the side and the food pusher with an equally nice handle, your fingers are never close to the blade, so there is no risk of injury. The slicer’s rubber feet and great weight provide stability during operation, so there is no dangerous sliding. For extra safety, the power switch is moisture protected. The whole unit is made of food-grade materials and it is ETL and NSF certified.

Berkel Meat Slicer ergonomic push handle


Technical specifications
Dimensions24" x 21.5" x 21.2"
Weight81.4 lb
Blade Size12"
Slicing Tickness Range0 to 0.6"
Removable blade
Removable carriage
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