Cabela’s Meat Grinder Review

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UPDATED May. 2021
Manufacturer: Cabela's
Model: Carnivore Commercial-Grade
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Cabela’s Meat Grinder is an incredibly durable, reliable, heavy-duty electric meat grinder that boasts a large capacity, solid speed, and smooth and steady operation. Its 0.5 HP induction motor is surprisingly quiet and gives it all the power it needs to easily handle all kinds of meat. Plus, it comes with a highly efficient cooling system.

Not only is this meat grinder feature-rich, but it comes with a nice accessory pack and is compatible with a whole range of useful attachments like a meat tenderizer or a jerky slicer. Basically, with a bit of extra cash, this grinder can satisfy virtually all of your meat-related needs.

Users interested in large-volume grinding might be happy to hear that this well-engineered model is available in 4 additional variations that offer even greater power and speed and easily tackle just about any grinding project.

If we sound impressed, that is because we are. Keep reading our Cabela’s Meat Grinder review to find out why we believe this is the kind of grinder you would definitely want to have in your household.

Cabela’s Meat Grinder
  • Cabela's Meat Grinder
  • Cabela's meat grinder gear inset
  • Cabela's meat grinder meat tray
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Pros & Cons

  • Low-noise 0.5 HP induction motor
  • Grinds 5-7 pounds per minute
  • Fast, reliable, and built to last
  • 5-year warranty
  • High price

Cabela’s Meat Grinder Ratings

Our Rating 8.9

The construction and material quality of the meat grinder.

Ease Of Use

The amount of effort necessary to successfully operate the meat grinder.


The set of characteristics that enhance the functionality and efficiency of the meat grinder.


The additional tools and attachments that come with the meat grinder.


The amount of meat the appliance can grind per minute.


The meat grinder’s power, speed, smoothness of operation, and grinding results.


The range of different foods the meat grinder can process (e.g. domestic and game meat, fruit, produce).


The use of food-grade materials and the presence of safety features that prevent potential injury and food contamination.

Ease of Maintenance

The time and effort required to clean the meat grinder and keep it in good condition.


The average lifespan of the meat grinder with proper use and maintenance.


The affordability of the meat grinder in relation to its quality and in comparison with similar meat grinders.

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Cabela’s Meat Grinder, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the product.

Cabela’s Meat Grinder Design & Accessories

Just by looking at Cabela’s Meat Grinder, you can tell that this grinder is not made to be fashionable but functional. Weighing 44 pounds and measuring 19.1 x 7.8 x 17.2 inches (LWD), it is a large, heavy-duty appliance that may not fit your kitchen décor.

All parts of this meat grinder are made of high-quality materials. In fact, most of them are made of food-grade stainless steel, including the neck, the auger, the gears, the plates, the one-way fit cutting knife, the meat tray, and even the large head ring nut. The funnels are made of high-density polyethylene. It is obvious that the grinder and all of its components are built to withstand long-term and daily use.

Material quality is hardly the only advantage of Cabela’s Meat Grinder. Its design features many useful and innovative features. The grinder is equipped with a protective feed chute tray, it has a built-in accessory drawer with a removable vibration-reducing mat, and it comes with the unique Cool-Tek Gel Ice Pak that keeps the meat and the appliance cool while grinding. It is also worth noting that the heavy-gauge stainless steel meat tray included in the package is rather large, measuring 11 x 7 x 2 inches (LWD).

For more good news, Cabela’s Meat Grinder comes with a full accessory pack. In the box, you get 1 grinder, 1 grinding head with a ring nut, 2 plates for fine (0.2 inches) and coarse (0.4 inches) grinds, 1 meat tray, 1 auger, 1 auger pull tool for safe extraction, 1 cutting knife, 1 sausage stuffing star, 1 funnel flange, 3 stuffing tubes (0.9, 1.1, and 1.5 inches), 1 snack-stick funnel (0.5 inches), 1 high-speed stuffing auger, 1 meat stomper, and 1 Cool Tek Ice Pack.

In comparison to this version, other variations of Cabela’s Meat Grinder are larger, heavier, and come with larger meat trays. The .75HP version weighs 51.5 pounds, measures 21 x 8.7 x 17.1 inches (LWD), and has a tray that holds 203 cubic inches of meat. The 1HP grinder weighs 64 pounds, measures 22 x 11.5 x 19 inches (LWD), and features a meat tray that can hold 343 cubic inches of meat. The 1.5HP version weighs 75 pounds, measures 22 x 11.5 x 19 inches (LWD), and has a tray that accommodates 424 cubic inches of meat. Finally, the largest 1.75HP grinder weighs 90 pounds, measures 27.5 x 13 x 20 inches (LWD), and comes with a meat tray that holds 590 cubic inches of meat.

Not counting the inevitable differences in blade size, the accessory pack is pretty much the same with all versions, with the exception of the 1.75HP grinder, which replaces the 0.2-inch grinding plate with a 0.3-inch plate.

Cabela’s Meat Grinder Design & Accessories

Cabela’s meat grinder comes with a big accessory pack. Most parts are made of food-grade stainless steel.

Cabela’s Meat Grinder Ease Of Use & Maintenance

With Cabela’s Meat Grinder, there is no need to worry about complicated instructions and tiresome maintenance. Assembly takes about 1.5 minutes and dismantling is just as quick and easy. The user manual provides clear and detailed instructions written with first-time users in mind.

The auger is highly efficient, so there is no need for continuous stomping. The accessories and attachments are easy to install and the grinding and stuffing processes are completely effortless.

According to the user manual, you should hand-wash all components and never put them in the dishwasher. However, if you look at the descriptions of individual parts, such as plates, you can see that some of them are dishwasher-safe. It is wise to check with the customer support beforehand, but we do recommend cleaning plates and other parts that come in contact with food in the dishwasher – for sterilization purposes.

However, if the support staff does not give you the green light to use the dishwasher, you can still properly clean your grinder with minimum effort. You just need to wash the parts in hot, soapy water, let them dry completely, and spray them with food-grade silicone to extend their lifespan and ensure optimal functioning.

Cabela's meat grinder auger pull

Easy auger removal using a pull handle.

Cabela’s Meat Grinder Grinding Performance & Versatility

As mentioned at the beginning of this Cabela’s Meat Grinder review, we are talking about a powerful grinder that can grind up to 7 pounds of meat per minute. It is suitable for all kinds of both domestic and game meat and it can even grind up a whole wild boar with ease.

Characterized by fast and steady operation and equipped with a high-efficiency auger, Cabela’s Meat Grinder does most of the work on its own and only requires occasional stomping. The expanded tray lets you grind large batches without pausing and the overheat protection ice pack makes sure the meat remains cool during the grinding process.

The sausage stuffing function works great as well, with no air bubbles to worry about. Due to minimized stomping, you can stuff sausages independently, without another person’s assistance. The snack-stick making process is effortless as well and the speed is above-average.

While the components and accessories provided in the package are only designed for meat, you can get specialized attachments for produce. For example, the handy tomato attachment lets you efficiently process and strain fruit and veggies and make sauces, soups, purees, jams, jellies or anything else you wish. The manufacturer does not recommend grinding bones, nuts, and other hard foods with this meat grinder.

If you were hoping for greater power and grinding capacity, you can always opt for the mightier versions of Cabela’s Meat Grinder. You can grind 8-10 pounds per minute with the 0.75HP version, 11-13 pounds per minute with the 1HP grinder, 14-18 pounds per minute with the 1.5HP version or as many as 19-23 pounds per minute with the 1.75HP beast.

Cabela’s Meat Grinder Grinding Performance

Cabela’s Carnivore Commercial Grade 0.75HP meat grinder grinds up to 10 pounds of meat per minute.

Cabela’s Meat Grinder Safety

Cabela’s Meat Grinder is made of food-grade materials and it is built with safety in mind. It features a protective feed chute tray to prevent injuries. It comes with a long meat stomper that keeps your fingers away from the inside of the head. Included in the package is an auger pull tool that allows for safe auger removal. Overheating is prevented with the use of the Cool Tek Ice Pack. In other words, the manufacturer has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the grinder is safe and easy use.

The 1+HP versions of this model come with an additional safety feature. Their reverse auger function facilitates unclogging and helps you deal with jams without any manual work involved.


Technical specifications
Dimensions19.1" x 7.8" x 17.2"
Weight44 lb
Processing power5-7 lb/minute
Grinding plates0.2" and 0.4"
Sausage kit
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