Hobart Manual Meat Slicer Review

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UPDATED Dec. 2020
Manufacturer: Hobart
Model: EDGE 12
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Hobart Edge 12 is a meat slicer with a 1/2 hp motor unit and durable V-belt drive system designed to prolong belt life without sacrificing the unit’s performance. It is an NSF-listed and ETL US & Canada certified appliance primarily designed for commercial-grade tasks in smaller butcher shops, grocery stores, and high-end delis, but it can also be a powerful addition to your kitchen. Read more about the unit, its main advantages, performance levels, and general safety features in this candid Hobart Edge 12 review.

Hobart Meat Slicer
  • Hobart Meat Slicer anodized aluminium/stainless steel construction
  • Hobart Meat Slicer stone sharpener
  • Hobart Meat Slicer sharp blade
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Pros & Cons

  • Stainless steel/anodized aluminum construction
  • Carbon steel forged 12-inch blade
  • Powerful ½ hp motor
  • Removable blade sharpener
  • 0 - 0.6-inch slices
  • Smooth base with seamless edges
  • Spacious food chute angled at 45°
  • Extended ergonomic grip
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • No-volt release switch
  • No stabilizing mediums for food products
  • No cover interlock mechanism
  • No protection against thermal overload

Hobart Meat Slicer Ratings

Our Rating 8.7

The meat slicer’s build and material quality, cutting height, and ergonomics.

Ease Of Use

The meat slicer’s usability and the amount of effort necessary to successfully operate the meat slicer.


The ability of the blade to easily cut through meat and produce even edges and tidy slices.


The maximum runtime, slicing speed, smoothness of operation, thickness range, and slice quality.


The meat slicer’s suitability for different types of food (e.g. soft and hard meat, cheese, bread, produce).


The use of food-grade materials and the presence of safety features that prevent potential injury and food contamination.

Ease of Maintenance

The amount of time and effort necessary to clean the meat slicer and keep it in good condition.


The average lifespan of the meat slicer with proper use and maintenance.


The affordability of the meat slicer in relation to its quality and in comparison with similar meat slicers.

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Hobart Meat Slicer, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the product.

Hobart Edge 12 Materials & Design

The unit comes equipped with a powerful 1-speed ½ hp motor, which translates to 4 A and around 480 W. The implemented driving system includes a poly V-belt that provides the unit with a longer lifespan and quieter operation. The appliance features a 6-foot power cord with a standard plug. 

The slicer’s 12-inch blade is made of chrome-plated forged carbon steel, which protects it from abrasions, structural damage, and oxidation. The product tray, slicer base, ring guard, knife cover, and gauge plate are all made of anodized cast aluminum with a smooth finish for easier cleaning and maintenance. The rear-mounted meat grip is hinged on an extended rod just behind the product tray. The unit also features a top-mounted ceramic blade sharpener that can be removed for easier cleaning. The sharpening process requires a single passing and is usually done in just 15 seconds.  

The product tray is angled at 45°, driving the food toward the blade and keeping it safely in place. Hobart Edge 12 can accommodate food loaves up to 10 inches in width/height and 8 inches in diameter. The thickness of individual slices is controlled by the infinite control nob and can go up to 0.6 inches.

The permanently lubricated ball bearings allow the food chute to move effortlessly and drive the product toward the blade without any difficulties and obstructions. The more you use the slicer, the smoother the slicing action will be.  The unit also features a product deflector that keeps your fingers away from the blade at all times and it comes with an interlock knife cover that prevents the slicer from engaging the blade once the cover is removed.  

The no-volt release mechanism prevents the unit from turning on automatically once power is restored after an interruption like an outage, for example. The ON/OFF switch comes with a relay that disconnects the electrical circuit the moment the power is cut off. In other words, you will have to press the OFF and then ON button in order to restart the appliance

Bottom line, the removable components include the sharpener, knife cover, meat grip rod, product tray, slice deflector, and knife cover knob. The stationary parts include the sharpener lever, carriage handle, product tray knob, index knob, ON/OFF switch, gauge plate, and support arm.  

Hobart Edge 12 measures 21.9 x 26.3 x 23.1 inches (HWD) and weighs around 80 pounds. The unit is kept firmly in place by 4 non-skid/slip feet at the very bottom of the base.   

Hobart Meat Slicer round knob

Hobart meat slicer has fifteen different thickness settings.


Hobart Edge 12 Ease Of Use & Maintenance

As already mentioned in this Hobart Edge 12 review, the unit is primarily intended for mid-tier commercial use, so it requires a certain level of expertise in order to be operated safely and efficiently. The slicer is not recommended for beginners since it can cause major injuries if not handled properly.

Hobart Edge 12 is assembled rather easily following the provided instruction manual. Before depositing any food products into the chute, make sure all of the components are firmly in place and that the unit itself is turned off (the power indicator light is not illuminated).  

When you put a product into the chute, make sure it is firmly in place and turn the appliance on. Hobart Edge 12 does not feature any kind of stabilizing mechanisms to ensure that the product will not move or slip during operation. Similar units usually come with a set of pyramid-shaped teeth positioned on the end weight specifically for that purpose. Keep in mind that the blade is not designed to slice hard items like bones and frozen foods.  

Select your preferred thickness out of 15 different options by rotating the knob counter-clockwise until you reach the desired setting. Once the slicing is done, make sure to rotate the dial clockwise until it stops in order to close the slicer table.  

Hobart Edge 12 is a manual electric slicer, which means you cannot set it to run automatically without any human input.  

Although the slicer might appear overly complicated and even intimidating at first, it is quite simple to disassemble and clean on a regular basis. On that note, Hobart Edge 12 should be cleaned and sanitized before and up to 4 hours after each use. The aforementioned removable components come right off without any major effort and the smooth and seamless product base does not allow any food particles or excess juices to linger in crevices and other hard-to-reach places.  

The appliance should be hand-cleaned with a smooth cloth and some mild soap. Additionally, you should only use a sanitizing product advertised as safe for stainless steel and aluminum like chlorine, iodine or quaternary ammonium chemical sanitizer.  

The unit should never be pressure washed or hosed down. Additionally, you should not pour water directly on the slicer since it can enter the motor housing and compromise the electrical components. While cleaning your slicer, never use scrubber pads, steel wool, and other abrasive materials as well as aggressive chemicals containing bleach, sodium hypochlorite, and other highly caustic compounds.  

Hobart Edge 12 Performance & Versatility

As already stated in this Hobart Edge 12 review, the food chute can accommodate even the widest and longest of food products without any problems. The round knob allows you to set the thickness of individual slices from 0 to 0.6 inches.  

The ½ hp motor dishes out enough power to handle any type of slicing tasks – except hard items like bones and frozen foods. The blade can go on without sharpening for a long time, but frequent use will dull it eventually. The knife should not be sharpened too often to prevent unnecessary and premature wear.  

Hobart Edge 12 can be used up to 4 hours (preferably less than that) to slice meat and up to 2 hours when slicing cheese.  

Hobart Meat Slicer extended grip

Hobart Edge 12 can slice cheese continuously for up to 2 hours and meat for up to 4 hours.

Hobart Edge 12 Safety

Hobart Edge 12 comes with an extended ergonomic meat rod that is comfortable to operate and that keeps your fingers away from the knife at all times. As we already mentioned, the food chute does not come with any type of product-stabilizing mechanism, which is something we would definitely like to see changed in the future.  

Edge 13 comes with an interlock plate gauge that prevents the gauge plate from opening while the carriage is removed. Edge 12 models, however, do not have this feature. The no-volt release mechanism prevents the unit from restarting automatically after the power is restored, which protects users from potential injury. Once the power comes back, you will have to press the OFF and then ON button to restart the unit.

As already stated in this Hobart Edge 12 review, the unit should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each use to prevent bacteria growth and ensure optimal food safety. Additionally, some of the components need to be lubricated on a regular basis to prevent oxidation and rust. 


Technical specifications
Dimensions32" x 26" x 28"
Weight83 lb
Blade Size12"
Slicing Tickness Range0 to 0.6"
Removable blade
Removable carriage
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