Jaccard Meat Tenderizer Review

Best For Uneven Meat Cuts
UPDATED May. 2021
Manufacturer: Jaccard
Model: SUPER - 48 Knives
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Jaccard Supertendermatic is a unique handheld meat tenderizer with 48 razor-sharp knives that reduce the toughness of meat by effortlessly cutting into connective tissue. In our honest Jaccard Meat Tenderizer review, you will discover all there is about this useful tool and find out what makes it the #1 choice of professional chefs all over the world.  

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer
  • Jaccard-Meat-Tenderizer has 48 knives arranged into columns
  • Jaccard Meat Tenderizer with a piece of chicken meat
  • Jaccard Meat Tenderizer top view
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Pros & Cons

  • 48 double-edge razor-sharp blades 
  • Reduces cooking time by up to 40% 
  • Increases heat absorption by up to 600% 
  • Reduces shrinkage 
  • Removable blade cartridges for easier cleaning 
  • Cannot thin meat

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer Ratings

Our Rating 8.7

The meat tenderizer’s material and construction quality.

Ease Of Use

The meat tenderizer’s usability and suitability for inexperienced home cooks.


The meat tenderizer’s functionality, efficiency, and tenderizing results, including texture and malleability.


The range of primary functions (meat pounding and piercing) and alternative applications of the meat tenderizer (e.g. crushing spices or cracking nuts).


The use of food-grade materials and the presence of safety features that prevent potential injury and food contamination.

Ease of Maintenance

The amount of time and effort necessary to clean the meat tenderizer and keep it in good condition.


The average lifespan of the meat tenderizer with proper use and maintenance.


The affordability of the meat tenderizer in relation to its quality and in comparison with similar meat tenderizers.

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Jaccard Meat Tenderizer , generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the product.

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer Materials & Design

Supertendermatic is a very simple tool that features a base and a grip made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is known for its great toughness and impact resistance. Apart from providing a comfortable and non-slip grip, it is also resistant to alkalis, aqueous acids, and most importantly animal, mineral, and vegetable oils. The middle section of the tool is reserved for 48 knives arranged into columns and secured by two supporting beams for extra stability and performance.  

The double-edge blades are made of 301 stainless steel with 48 Rockwell hardness, which means they can take a lot of pressure before experiencing any type of mechanical failure. The alloy is also very resistant to corrosion and even features a higher percentage of carbon than the more expensive 304 stainless steel.  

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer comes only in white and measures 4 x 5.8 x 1.5 (HWD). The overall weight of the tool is 1 pound.

Dimensions of Jaccard-Meat-Tenderizer in relation to the hand

Jaccard Supertendermatic is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has a comfortable non-slip grip that’s almost 6 inches wide.

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer Ease Of Use & Maintenance

Supertendermatic is very easy to use. All you have to do is remove the protective cover, place your meat cut on the cutting board, and depress the top of the blades at 0.25-inch intervals. Rotate your entrée ¼ turn and repeat. Once you cover the entire cut, simply season to taste and your meat is ready to be cooked. Jaccard Meat Tenderizer basically works like a meat stamp, it is that easy.  

The tool’s blades are attached to a removable cartridge, so you can disassemble it in mere seconds and pop all of the components into your dishwasher. Note that you will need a screwdriver to disassemble this particular model. When the blades get dull, you can simply purchase a replacement cartridge and continue on stamping.  

Using Jaccard Meat Tenderizer on a piece of meat

Removable carriage means that you can disassemble the tenderizer in no time and just pop the parts in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer Performance & Versatility

Using a meat tenderizer is an absolute must when dealing with leaner and tougher cuts, like skirt steaks and flank. Admittedly, enzymes in fruits like pineapple, kiwi, and papaya can tenderize meat to a degree, but it is likely to end up with a fruity flavor that not many of us really enjoy.  

With that in mind, Jaccard Meat Tenderizer was designed to pierce meat and break down connective tissue. Unlike with more “physical” methods, there is no danger of overworking the cut until it turns to mush. Using the stamping method implemented by the tool also guarantees less shrinkage when cooking and reduces the overall cooking time by up to 40%.  

One of the main advantages of this tool is that the penetrating knives create small heat channels that allow marinades to absorbed deeper into your meat. Plus, these channels also increase heat absorption by up to 600%, which prevents cuts with varying thickness to undercook/overcook.  

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer can be used on all types of cuts, not only inexpensive and cheap meats. This includes (but is not limited to) pork, beef, veal, turkey, chicken, fowl, and venison.

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