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UPDATED Dec. 2020
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Tekut Biltong is the bamboo version of Tekut’s Classic Biltong Slicer made for optimal slicing performance and easy re-sharpening. Its razor-sharp stainless steel blade is primarily designed for dried cured meats but can also handle many other types of food with ease. Keep reading this Tekut Biltong Slicer review to learn all about this meat slicer’s main features, performance levels, and price.  

Tekut Biltong Slicer
  • Tekut Biltong Slicer back
  • Tekut Biltong Slicer Detachable Knife
  • Tekut Biltong Slicer Built-In Knife Sharpener
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Pros & Cons

  • Anti-bacterial bamboo base
  • Razor-sharp stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle
  • Built-in tungsten-carbide sharpener
  • Compact spanner
  • Non-slip feet
  • Not ideal for fresh and cooked meat

Tekut Biltong Slicer Ratings

Our Rating 8.0

The meat slicer’s build and material quality, cutting height, and ergonomics.

Ease Of Use

The meat slicer’s usability and the amount of effort necessary to successfully operate the meat slicer.


The ability of the blade to easily cut through meat and produce even edges and tidy slices.


The maximum runtime, slicing speed, smoothness of operation, thickness range, and slice quality.


The meat slicer’s suitability for different types of food (e.g. soft and hard meat, cheese, bread, produce).


The use of food-grade materials and the presence of safety features that prevent potential injury and food contamination.

Ease of Maintenance

The amount of time and effort necessary to clean the meat slicer and keep it in good condition.


The average lifespan of the meat slicer with proper use and maintenance.


The affordability of the meat slicer in relation to its quality and in comparison with similar meat slicers.

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Tekut Biltong Slicer, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the product.

Tekut Biltong Slicer Materials & Design

Tekut Biltong Slicer features a stable base made entirely of bamboo, which gives it superb anti-bacterial properties. The 14.5-inch blade is made of LFBG and FDA-approved high-quality stainless steel. The bamboo used in the construction of the base is 100% organically grown without any fertilizers or pesticides.  

The ergonomic handle comes with a rubberized overmold, which provides you with a superb grip. The unit also features a compact spanner that allows you to remove the blade from the base and a built-in tungsten-carbide knife sharpener. 

The sharpener is attached to the corner of the base and can renew the edge of the blade in mere seconds. It can also be used to re-sharpen kitchen knives and other bladed utensils. Having said that, the blade will hold its edge for quite a while due to the high quality of the materials used and the overall thickness and rigidity of the knife.  

Tekut Biltong Slicer measures 3.9 x 8.7 x 7.1 inches (HWD) and weighs around 2 pounds. The unit is held tightly in place by 4 non-slip feet, but you still need to input a downward force on the appliance while slicing to prevent slipping or wobbling during operation.  

Slicing meat using Tekut biltong slicer

Tekut biltong slicer is made entirely out of bamboo and has a detachable 14.5-inch blade.


Tekut Biltong Slicer Ease Of Use & Maintenance

Thanks to its razor-sharp blade, Tekut Biltong Slicer is very easy to use without any previous experience or expertise. However, like all meat slicers, it can be a dangerous appliance, so you should pay extra attention to your hands and fingers while operating the unit.

The built-in sharpener does not require any special skills either, so you can easily re-sharpen all your kitchen knives as well.  

You should clean and maintain the bamboo base like you would any other wooden cutting board. Simply hand-wash it with water and some mild soap and rinse and dry it immediately afterward. You should prime it with some mineral oil and repeat the process every month or so.  

The blade can also be hand-washed with some mild detergent before and after each use. The use of a sanitizer that does not degrade stainless steel is also recommended for optimal food hygiene. Once the knife is properly cleaned and dried, you should coat it with a thin layer of cooking oil or food-grade silicone for extra protection against rust.  

Tekut Biltong Slicer is not dishwasher-safe and should never be cleaned with aggressive chemicals like bleach. You should also never use scouring pads or steel wool while cleaning the slicer.


Tekut Biltong Slicer Performance & Versatility

As we already mentioned in this Tekut Biltong Slicer review, the unit is primarily designed to cut biltong and other dried cured meats. Having said that, it can also handle cheese and softer fruits and vegetables without any problems. You can even detach the knife from the base for some independent slicing.  

This meat slicer does not perform well with fresh and cooked meat and it should never be used to cut bones or other hard items.

The blade is extremely sharp and can slice biltong, jerky, and other types of dried meats into ribbons without any difficulties. Biltong is borderline impossible to slice properly using a regular knife, which is why Tekut Slicer implements a traditional slicing mechanism that allows you to use the weight of your entire body to push the blade downwards.  

Slicing lemons using Tekut biltong slicer

Although primarily designed to slice dry meat, Tekut biltong slicer can be used to cut fruits and vegetables as well.


Tekut Biltong Slicer Safety

Tekut Biltong Slicer comes with an extremely sharp stainless steel blade, so you should definitely position your hands and fingers carefully when operating the knife. Apart from the blade, the appliance does not feature any dangerous components. 

The base has anti-bacterial properties and is made of 100% organic bamboo. With proper maintenance, you can easily prevent rust or bacterial growth on the blade.


Technical specifications
Dimensions8.7" x 7.1" x 3.9"
Weight2 lb
Blade Size?
Slicing Tickness Range?
Removable blade
Removable carriageN/A
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